Trevor being Trevor on our mini-Euro tour This one at Szeved Festival in Hungary
Lincolnshire based Kesteven Morris are two teams in one; A men's team, dancing mainly Cotswold and rapper and a Women's team dancing Cotswold, North West and Molly.
Founded in 1976 by Trevor Mayfield and Ray Worman, (ex. Albion Morris and the fool that danced the Bacca Pipe Jig on Morris On).

Morris dancing is the ideal way to keep fit through dance as well as enjoying keeping this important English tradition alive.

    Kesteven Men

comprises of Twelve men;  dancers and musicians playing melodeon & accordion. Traditions danced include Bampton, Bledington, Bucknell, Sherborne, Fieldtown, Lichfield and Upton On Seven and of course the famous Sleaford dances.
Kesteven Men dancing Teflon (Upton on Seven - Non stick dance!)
Kesteven Men practising May celebration levitation at Welton, Lincolnshire

Kesteven Women

comprises of ten women; eight dancers and two musicians playing accordion and melodeon. Traditions danced include Kestevens own LincWold, Headington, Brackley, Ilmington, Bidford, Stanton Harcourt plus North West, Garland, and East Anglian Molly.
women's new costume 2013

Kesteven Rapper

is an internationally recognised rapper sword team having taken part in the DERT rapper tournament for a number of years and have received many awards including gold and red ribbons for their dancing and music. Kesteven rapper sword dances use the very best and most exciting rapper moves and always includes one or two death defying tumbles. 
  Kesteven Rapper performing at the Sidmouth Festival

The Truth about Morris Dancing
Morris dancing is the most widespread form of vital and exciting traditional English customs still extant.
Sleaford Morris Men circa 1906
(can you spot Trev's Granddad)?
Forcibly disbanded by Sleaford Magistrates in 1906 for disorderly behaviour
Their tradition bravely carried on by Kesteven Morris
Despite the efforts of the early church to suppress pagan rituals; despite efforts by polite society to turn the dance into a skipping game; despite wars wiping out generations who performed it; despite modern English apathy; this ancient part of our heritage continues.

Its existence in South Lincolnshire is ensured by Kesteven Morris.
Anxious that the Morris dance should be seen by as many people as possible, the group perform at a wide variety of locations from vast stately homes to small garden fetes, from country pubs to city centres, in fact anywhere where a crowd of people gather.

Kesteven Morris ensure their high spirited performances are skilful, enthusiastic and entertaining while taking care never to compromise the spirit of a unique and powerful English Tradition.
Kesteven is one of the three old counties which now form the county of Lincolnshire.

contact Trev or Becky on 01529 305186
Kesteven Morris 2013 with Robin Hood and Little John in Sherwood Forest

Kesteven Morris has represented English Folk dance at many International Festivals including: 

the team has represented English Folk dance at many International Festivals including: 
The World Folkdance Festival Munich 1985 (second place out of seventy two international dance teams in the International Folk dance competition), 
The World Folkdance Festival, Majorca 1987, 
The Doe Danse Festival Arnheim, Holland 1989, 
The Doe Danse Festival Verhooten, Holland 1990, 
The Issoire Folklore Festival 1994 Issiore, France, 
hosted the Harlaxton Dance Festival at Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire from 1990 to 1994.  
The Sidmouth International Festival, 1998
The Issoire Folklore Festival 1999, Issoire, France
Dancing England Rapper Tournament, Greenwich 2000
The Whitby International Folk Festival 2001
Marquete Lez Lille international Festival 2002, France
Carcassonne October wine festival 2005, France
Szeved Beer Festival, Hungary 2006
Prague Folklore Days 2009
Klinker Festival, Brugge, Belgium 2011
FolkEast Folk Festival Suffolk 2012
Saint-Mars-sous-Ballon, France 2013
Your Chance

Things to do in Sleaford

If you live in Lincolnshire or the bordering counties and would like to try Morris dancing we would be pleased to see you at one of our regular Tuesday evening practices in Sleaford. We start at 8.30pm and work hard till 10pm.
Women at Sleaford Youth Centre, Moneys Mill Complex, Carre St, Sleaford NG34 7TW, Men at The Scout Hut, Reform Place, Off Westgate, Sleaford, NG34 7QR.

Where in 2013

Stamford Georgian Fair 29th September 2013

Contact Information
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+44 (0)1 777 228 303
+44(0)1 529 305186
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